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Tafika is a Malawian organization and we try to find ways to generate funds locally to reduce the dependency on donors. 


We have a number of Income Generating Activities (IGAs) which sustains the running of the projects.


These IGAs include the following:


1. Running a maize mill (at below markets costs) for our community members.

2. Hatching eggs using a donated incubator for sale in Malawi.

We have just completed a commercial forest project (May 2022) which, in 10 years time will generate the money we need to become self sufficient. You can read about it here.


In June 2022 we started a project to build a Student Hostel. The funding round has started and the land has been bought. This is a commercial venture which should see us generate cash to fill the gap between now and the Commercial Forest Project revenue stream. 


We are always on the look out for new ideas as we want to be able to fund our activities in a sustainable way. Please contact us if you have any good ideas for sustainable income generation.

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