TAFIKA and Sport

At TAFIKA - we are so proud of our sports men and women In 2020 ..


  • 2 of our girls now selected for Under 17 National Netball Team

  • 2 of our boys now selected for the Under 17 National Football Team.

  • District Champions of Netball

  • Under 14 boys football team currently best team in the North.

  • Registered 101 new teams in the north of Malawi.


Our goal is to build a centre of excellence for youth in the north of Malawi.



TAFIKA has been working with sports since 1999. We strongly believe that sport offers young girls, boys, men and women the chance to work together and be part of a successful team. 


There are many benefits of sport including:

Teaching about teamwork

Keeping young minds occupied

Physical health

Skills development 

At TAFIKA we have developed a Sports Academy, this Academy draws from the many local teams we support and gives students (14-20+) the opportunity to progress from a local to a regional team. This in turn creates a feeling of success and local pride in players and the regional TAFIKA team.